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Ultra-Hygienic Flowrapper And Revolutionary Wafer Feeding Module


Tefude has unveiled the TFD-ZP350 flowrapper and a ground-breaking gentle feeding device to eliminate breakage of bakery products such as chocolate oats and other similar biscuits.

Bakers using the flexible and future-proof will benefit from shorter lead times and lower cost of ownership as a result of the flowrapper’s unique modular design. It can be customised by selecting only the modules needed, and can add modules such as film auto-splicing, gusseting, and even a completely new jaw set up, at a later date. The packaging machine’s modularity also makes maintenance quicker and easier, as individual sections can be removed rather than having to dismantle the entire machine.

The system realizes complete machine intelligent control through real-time interactive operation of touch screen and embedded PLC. Allocate product menu function for convenient and rapid adjustment of product.

The system adopts multistage frequency conversion and speed adjustment and servo drive control. Easy and convenient, stable and reliable operation, highly accurate control and low energy consumption.

In its standard configuration typical applications include buns, biscuits, flat breads, morning goods, sliced bread, crackers and other typical bakery products. Once fitted with the revolutionary new gentle feeding module the packaging machinery is capable of eliminating breakage of bakery products such as a wafer and other similar biscuits.

Tefude has also designed a servo-driven device to ensure high quality pack presentation for wafers. This gives greater flexibility to fine-tune the folding of the cross-seal to match the dimensions of the product more closely.

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